Start a new project

After you have installed wordup-cli, you are able to initialize a new project. Simply run in a directory of your choice:

$ wordup init

You will be guided to some setup options. After installing your new project, the WordPress development servers will be started automatically.

Project types

Wordup supports three different project types. Choose your project type based on what you want to develop:

  • Develop a plugin (type: plugins): If you want to develop a new plugin for WordPress
  • Develop a theme (type: themes): If you want to develop a theme or child theme for WordPress
  • Basic installation (type: installation): If you need a local WordPress server with access to wp-content files

The project type will be saved in the config.yml under type.

Scaffold your project source code

Wordup is able to create boilerplate source code for your project. Currently supported boilerplate projects are:

  • For themes: underscore
  • For plugins: Official WordPress boilerplate code

The src folder

Your WordPress plugin or theme source code is located by default inside the ./src folder. In general you should place all project specific files (like CI config etc.) outside your src folder and all files you want to distribute inside.

For installation projects the src folder represents the wp-content folder of the WordPress installation. Wordup doesn't show the rest of the WordPress source-code because you should never change files outside of the wp-content folder.

Hint: You can change the src folder to a folder of your choice in the config.yml

Project slug

Each WordPress theme or plugin is defined with a slug. This is a string to identify your plugin or theme in WordPress.

Wordup will create automatically a slug based on your project name.

In the wordup design philosophy the slug is just a config value. That's why you can change it in the config.yml later.

Create a project in the cloud

From your local project you are able to create a Wordup project in the cloud:

$ wordup cloud:project

Use the Wordup example project

Under you will find a basic WordPress theme project for Wordup. You can use it as a starting point for setting up a new project on GitHub quickly.